New Earth
Day 733 – You are the one.
Many ask me how I manage to continue to write these daily posts, what keeps me motivated to get up every morning and surrender to my soul and inner voice to share messages of inspiration and information on this journey of transformation? My answer has been that it is what I am guided to do, that it is my mission, but what I realize is that it is you the reader that keeps me staying the course without hesitation. Every person who comments, who shares these messages, every new person that comes to the New Earth Community gatherings, brings a friend, listens to our weekly lives is what keeps me knowing that we are gathering momentum and we are the ones that are changing this world for better. It is the change in you as you find your tribe that fans the flame of love in my heart and gives me the energy to continue to show up for my soul work every day. I always felt that if I could support only one person to have a better quality and experience of this lifetime on this planet, I will have had a life well lived. I can rest in the knowing that I have done that many times over and will continue to support anyone who seeks my Ascension Wisdom to find their inner God Source elevating to their authentic magnificent self of pure love. The transition from fear and doubt to unwavering faith and inner peace is the journey we are all on at the present moment and while there are still people who find themselves trapped in the former, I will continue to show the way to the road to freedom of struggle and suffering. You are the one that is making it happen by being the best of yourself with intention to leap with faith and love into the unknown New Earth that is our next step as individuals and as a collective. You are the one that keeps me doing what I’m doing and being who I’m being. I thank you for your courage and your dedication. With love, Namaste <3 <3