New Earth
Day 732 – Staying open.
During the last two plus years as the fear mongering created division, separation and often destruction of so much of what our lives used to look like, one area that has suffered greatly is relationships. The mental and emotional toll that has taken as family’s and friendships have been torn apart is immeasurable. I do not believe anyone has been left untouched by someone closing their door to them either through fear or judgement. For me it has offered me the most amazing opportunity to work through the grief of loss and yet keep my heart open to be the love I choose to be. The automatic thing the heart wants to do when it feels hurt is to shut down, to protect, to run away or to deny, but I have found that the healthiest thing for my emotional and mental self to do is to maintain my intention of choosing to radiate peace and love. Always keeping my door and my heart open to receive those that come my way. This may involve forgiveness although I find that if I don’t see the other person as wrong, only different going through their own stuff, there is no need to forgive only the need for compassion and love for them and for me as I process the grief. What I know to be true for me is that I have precarnate agreements with people and those that are meant to be in my life will remain so until that agreement is fulfilled. As much as I choose who and what to be, I also choose what not to be and one thing I choose not to action is retaliation to another’s behaviour. I have learned to see the actions of another as a sign to show where they are coming from emotionally and energetically within themselves and even though it can be difficult, to not take someone else’s actions and words personally. Keeping the heart open is the challenge her. Namaste <3 <3