New Earth
Day 731 – The sanctuary within.
Due to years of programming, we are in the habit of looking outside to decide whether life is good or not so good, that our happiness is dependent on what is occurring outside of us. Never has that been more obvious than during the last two years as the world has been hijacked and all humanity herded like sheep into fear-based states of confusion, powerlessness and stagnation. Because I am guided by a higher Source of wisdom, for me it was a time to go within and live according to the life principles that were authentically aligned with my essence of faith, love and peace. I had to find my inner sanctuary where all was well and not influenced by outside circumstances. I had to walk my talk. Could I stay content, peaceful, happy, loving and continue to live my way without compromising my soul agreements to live without fear and continue to follow spirit without hesitation to a better world? The answer is yes, I could and yes, I do every day of this lifetime. By going within and asking for guidance and following that guidance with complete faith and trust I can rise above almost all challenges thrown at me by using the New Earth Way with a higher state of awareness. Yesterday, during our Thursday Live, we heard from two beautiful souls who talked about what life was before and how it changed once they found a better way. We talk a great deal about creating New Earth Sanctuaries and Communities, but ultimately that can only occur when we devote time to creating that within ourselves. We come back to this truth, whatever you desire, become the energy of it first and it will appear as if by magic. That is the New Earth Way. Namaste <3 <3