New Earth
Day 730 – Weariness .
I have been sensing a blanket of weariness around me lately that is causing me to slow down, to focus on greater self-care, to nurture and to give attention to the present moment with love and compassion. There is a restlessness and discomfort, and my guides are telling me that I and all of humanity is going through a refit and upgrade as waves of new frequencies envelop our planet. Our physical bodies are being adjusted to be able to integrate more light energy. I am being shown that this light is pure love, the foundation of creation and it is pushing out anything that is not of this love vibration both internally and externally. Those of us that have signed up to be the Way Showers are ultra-sensitive to the influxes of the changes in energy and need faith and patience with ourselves and all that is unfolding with the knowing that we are moving to a better place. The weariness comes from a concern that there is a pause in the awakening of humanity, as many seem to be falling back into a false sense of security that all is getting back to the old normal. However, there is no old normal and there will be a new wave of awakening soon to push us over the last few hurdles to free the collective from the atrocities that are still occurring in many places on the planet. Earth is moving closer to the central sun and the energetic rays are washing us clean both individually, collectively and planetary. This is the birth of the New Earth in its last few contractions to emerge fully into the light. Yes, it cannot be done without pain, without sacrifice, but the outcome is beyond anything we can dream of. Yet another reason to connect with your soul and with communities of a higher consciousness built on love, peace and harmony. Namaste <3 <3