Blue Corn for Atole
Blue Corn for Atole


igniting seeding sweeting youngling maturing eldering

dancing blue stars future memories

living life painting currently


nestled in the valley of blue lake mountains

human hands are rivers from living hearts giving life

living creationing’s consciousness intelligent graceful generosity


seeds have cultural cosmologies


the fate of seeds is the fate of humanity

modern civilization breeds comfortable agreement

to kill the holy in living life


Little girl Semilla and Elder Blue Corn

are hanging out sharing stories

about the Tree of Life



“Ancient people didn’t think about magnetic poles,

they thought about a magnetic star. For many Indigenous

people the Living Tree of Life is a conduit between

Earth and Sky: the roots of past time rooted to a star below us

in the past sky, the upper branches flowering with stars above us

attached to the North Star. And the magnetic, electrical, plasmic

motion between the two simultaneously surging back and forth,

up and down is the spinal cord of the earth,

the spinal cord of the universe,

the spinal cord of our own earth body.” M. P.


apologies for not recording the Sun Dance

the recording contraption lost it’s light

so after sunset they gazed into the starry night sky

and dreamed sweet dreams of

Beauty and Sun Light

who are making Atole from the breasts of Mother Earth’s

oldest living recipes at dawn