In my observation and experience,

i have observed a suggestive frequency pattern

superimposed upon the human psyche

which addles and distorts the purity of hu-man nature

and which might be described as a kind of

*certainty of fear* —

a kind of (false) certainty —

rooted in the matrical control system —

of the acquired, conditioned, egoic, separate sense of self —

what some have called...

"the I-Know-Mind."

This distortion is however,

in truth...

nothing more than 

uncertainty —




Remove the mask

and what you will find

is the motivating energies

of fear and aversion,

craving and clinging

addiction and attachment —

the pernicious egoic need (ego=a sense of *'i-dentity'* or *'self'*) 

for security and survival,

esteem and affirmation,

power and control —


by a fundamental uncertainty

of one's own sense

of innate beauty, belonging and belovedness.

These fundamental energies

of fear and uncertainty

are filters —

distortions —

a phantasmagorical looking glass —

through which we (mis)perceive our subjective, conceptual reality —

a labyrinthine house of mirrors —

a wonderland —

of illusory abstractions, (mis)perceptions and limiting beliefs,

in which we perpetually struggle and strive

to avoid pain, discomfort, and uncertainty

in the seeking of pleasure, comfort, and certainty.

*“People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own soul.” — Carl Jung, 20th century CE psychoanalyst and psychiatrist*

Because the certainty of fear is actually uncertainty

masquerading as certainty,

fueled by fear and egoic craving,

this distortion is rigid, inflexible, dogmatic, fanatical, contentious and polarizing,

expressing perceptions, beliefs, views and opinions

in ways that are deeply divisive, sectarian and alienating —

all which create conflict, harm and perpetuate deep suffering

in both our internal world and our external world —

within and without —

without and within —

*(though in Reality there is no "within" and "without", we only call them "within" and "without").*

The certainty of fear clings desperately and dogmatically to narrow (mis)perceptions, beliefs, views and opinions

without considering the big picture —

without perceiving the totality.

Beguiled by the trees,

while unable to see the totality of the forest,

certainty of fear

projects itself into the world —

the collective field of experience —

the collective consciousness —

of this planet —

as a compulsive craving for,

and addition to,

power, prestige, position, privilege, wealth and control

in order to ensure its own certainty, comfort and control —

it's own





However there is another kind of certainty that I might describe as,

*"the certainty of trust."*

This profound inner state is not merely a belief, an affirmation, a creed or some other construct of the discursive mind,

which needs to be continually propped up and defended,

but a naturally-arising virtue —

an in-spiration and ex-piration —



Love —

the undisturbed unity, balance and harmony

that animates and innervates this universe —

That Which Is In All Things





Certainty arising from trust is not rooted in fear and uncertainty,

but in the confidence

*(Latin: 'confidere' meaning 'full trust')*

and inner clarity

that arises from a direct experience

of profound, experiential, intuitive

Heart Knowing

*(Latin: 'Gnosis’)*




The Sanskrit word *‘Sraddhā'* provides insight into this concept.

Sraddhā is a compound word combined from two words:

*'srad,'* which can mean both, *'trust'* and *'truth,’*

and *'dha'* which means *'to establish,' to firm,' 'to set,’ ’to ground,’ ’to stabilize,’ 'to put into place,' and 'to direct one’s mind toward.’*

’Dha’ is also found in the Sanskrit word *‘Dharma’* which we might say translates something like:

*"That which is the foundation or basis of; that which upholds; that which supports and uplifts (referring to the Foundational Ground From Which All Life Arises)."*

It is also found in the Sanskrit word *‘Mūlādhāra'* which means ‘the Foundational Root of Physicality.” (*‘Mula'* means *‘root'* and *‘dhara'* means *‘basis’* or *‘foundation’*).

The Mūlādhāra chakra (a *‘chakra’* meaning: *a whirl, wheel, pivot, portal or vortex*) is a toroidal energetic vortex —

a portal —

a fundamental force —

a process of nature —

found throughout the manifest universe in everything from the apparent immensity of a galactic black whole,

to the apparent infinitesimality of each of the estimated 7 octillion atoms that manifest as the average adult human body,

is found at the root of the spine —

at the base of the perineum —

and is the very basis —

the fundamental ground —

from which we begin our embodied hero's journey

when we incarnate in this physical density —

in this experience of Life.


The cognate for the word *’Dharma'* in ancient Aramaic is *‘Malkuth’* and *‘Basileia’* in ancient Greek,

commonly translated into English as: *'kingdom' 'realm' or 'rule.’*

The word basileia shares the same root as the word *‘base’ or ‘basis,’* and the word *‘basilica,'* which we commonly use as a synonym for a *'cathedral' or 'religious headquarters.’*

In ancient Greece, the *'basiliké stoà' (the royal portico in Athens)* was the headquarters —

the base —

the *root* *of power* —

of the realm of the Archon Basileus (The High Chieftain or King).


With this as our basis (pun intended),

it makes a little more sense if we understand that in ancient Greek culture,

the Archon

*(lit. the ‘Basileus \[βασιλεύς same root as ‘Basileia’, and meaning: a chieftain, amir, monarch, king, emperor, ruler, etc.),*

like most ancient cultures,

was seen as the embodiment of the Divine on Earth —

a manifestation of the Unmanifest,

incarnate in the physical realm —

the "The Son of God.”

The ancient cultures of the Middle East, who organized themselves in clans, tribes, kingdoms, and empires, with lords, chieftains, kings and emperors ruling over the caste structure on which such forms of hierarchal government were built,

the Archon was an incarnation of God —

 the "Son of God” —

as was the case in nearly all ancient cultures ranging from Egypt and Mesopotamia, to India and China (where the Emperor was called "The Son of Heaven" or "The Son of God” and ruled under the "Mandate of Heaven”).

The 16th century CE theologians, scholars and linguists who, over a seven year period, translated the current Western-Roman Christian canon of sacred writings into English, translated ‘basileia' as 'kingdom' because that is also what they understood through the lens of their own experience of a monarchial caste system.

English kings (as do all monarchs and rulers) tend to lay claim to and proclaim themselves as ‘Sons of God’ ruling the Mandate of Heaven.


In that light, the fundamental message of Yeshu’a an Nasira Ihidaya (Aramaic for ‘Jesus of Nazareth the Awakened One’),

"The Kingdom is Here and Now!",

begins to take on a much deeper meaning.

The ‘kingdom’ he spoke about is not just the ‘realm' or the ‘rule' of a celestial archon or king,

but refers to the very Foundational Ground of Reality itself —






And hence ‘the kingdom of God’ proclaimed by Yeshu’a Ihidaya

orients us to That Which is the Very Ground, Source or Fundamental Nature of Reality.

Many ancient Christian writings from lesser known streams (schools or sects) of Christianity outside of the the literalist stream of Christianity rooted in the so-called "orthodoxy" of the Western-Roman lineage

*(which includes most common forms of Christianity popular in the West today) —*

actually refer to That which we call ‘God' in this way —

in such words as:


*'Ground of Be-ing,'*

*'Fundamental Reality', etc. —*

so really, this is not much of a radical idea at all.

In fact, this very same concept is woven into, and found throughout, the perennial wisdom of all spiritual paths, in all ancient cultures.


From that little historical and etymological ramble, perhaps we might translate the word Sraddhā as:

‘A deep, unshakeable inner stability (trust or peace) rooted in and arising from the very Fundamental Ground of our Be-ing —

our Innate (True) Nature —

realized in direct experience of a profound, experiential, intuitive Heart Knowing

of The Way of Nature (i.e. ‘Reality’ or ‘Truth’) —

the Nature of the Way.'

It is a deep inner stability —

a deep inner realization —

a deep re-membering —

a deep inner peace —

a deep inner knowing that we are fundamentally safe, secure, supported, protected, upheld and uplifted by That Which Is The Foundational Ground of All Life —

that all is well

and always has been —

that there is





Not two.

This is the inner state of *"perfect peace that transcends all (intellectual) knowledge"* that the first century Hellenist Jewish teacher, theologian, and scholar, Saul of Tarsus (more popularly known as Paul the Apostle or Saint Paul), tried to communicate to his disciples living in the ancient Greek city of Philippi


The 20th century CE yogi, teacher and author, Paramahansa Yogananda also taught this very concept when he said,

*"The Sanskrit word for ‘trust’ means: 'to relax, breathe easy and be free from all fear.’"*

Our inner state is clearly reflected in the state of our breath.

Certainty that is based in an inner stability (confidence or trust) of the Pure Heart-Mind

realized in direct experience of Reality —

a certainty of trust —

that arises from the Pure Heart-Mind

firmly rooted and established in it’s True Nature —

an in-spiration and ex-piration



Love —

the undisturbed unity, balance and harmony

that animates and innervates this universe

is the very Ground —

the very Source —

from which we experience our most pure, natural, harmonious state of Be-ing —

our Pure Potentiality —

our most Noble, Virtuous Nature —

abiding in inner freedom, equanimity and peace

liberated —

emancipated —

free —



Free from the need to convince, control, coerce, condemn, compare, or criticize —

free from the need to shame, blame, defend or scapegoat —

free to increasingly experience the openness and expansiveness of our True Nature, and the fruit which arises from that abiding, abundant experience of Life —

clarity, wisdom, insight, openness, joy, equanimity, peace, lovingkindness, compassion, acceptance, empathy, gratitude, reverence, creativity, and childlike curiosity and wonder —

*(all facets of the Immortal Diamond that is Pure Love)*

in unity, balance and harmony —

in perfect peace...





Life —

all our brothers and sisters —




Not two.

May your every breath be peace, light and love.