I am challenged to find email providers that will help the task Christopher James asked us to do in sending email to government public servants in the cases of stealing people's children. I am concerned about email providers blocking the sending of the emails for political censorship reasons. Christopher James has asked us to send out an unusually large number of emails. I want to speed up in sending out a large number of emails. Sending out the emails in large numbers quickly can be restricted by email providers or raise suspicions with email providers that get your emails blocked as spam. You also want the large amount of email sent out to not look suspicious so that the email is not blocked or put in junk in the public servants' email receivers. Christopher asked for 10 to 20 recipients per email including him in addition to these recipients as blind copy. We need email providers that allow the requested number of email recipients per email. There is also the cost of the email provider to consider. Any suggestions to help with the email provider situation would be appreciated. If people wake up to the government corruption of stealing people's children because the parents tell the truth about child sexual abuse and other abuse in society it could help wake up the population to help stop the COVID and Great Reset tyranny worldwide. Christopher James has been successful with cases involving government abuses related to crossing the Canadian border. https://awarriorcalls.com/