Even something as seemingly jejune and mundane

as the experience of eating

can be a spiritual experience —

a sacred act of joy, gratitude, wonder and reverence –




As we prepare our food

*(or as we wait for our food as it's being prepared for us),*

we can enter into this practice

by simply offering our selves

to the innate joy, wonder and beauty

of the present moment —

offering the simple gift

of present, loving awareness

as we prepare —

or as we sit and wait for —



When we are ready to eat,

we can take a few moments to close our eyes

and trace back the path

our food has taken

on its journey to us.

We can offer a sincere smile of gratitude

to the little,

seeming unremarkable,

bowl of fibre and flesh

we hold in our hands —

breathing deeply —

mindfully —

as we contemplate the vast web of relationships

that have co-conspired

to allow us the privilege

of this very moment —

the wonder-filled joy and privilege

of nourishing our bodies —  

the many elements,

such as the sun,

the rain,

the earth,

the air,

the plants,

the animals,

all of our brothers and sisters —

all our relations —

whether element, microbe, mycelia, plant, animal, human or some other manifestation of Life

who have lovingly offered their vital life energy

to nourish the food

we are about to take into our own bodies.

In fact, if we take the time

to look deeply into the food,

rather than heedlessly consuming it —

without reverence or regard —

we might even get a glimpse

of how the entire universe has co-conspired

to support and sustain

our incarnational experience

right here —

right now —

in this very sacred, syzygetic, synchro-destinous confluence of space-time.


even something as seemingly mundane and jejune

as the experience of eating

can be a profound spiritual experience —

a sacred experience of communion —

a sacred experience of pure love —

in which our hearts open and expand

like a beautiful flower

opening and expanding

in the youthful bloom of morn

with joy, gratitude, wonder and reverence






Not two.

May your every breath be peace, light and love.