Daily Appreciation 152 - Angels

I appreciate waking up to the soft gentle sounds of the rain. I love the rain. I love the smell of the fresh clean air. I love the feel of the air. I love the coolness of it on my skin. I love the sounds of the birds chirping merrily. I love listening to all the different birds and their different sounds. I love and appreciate my ears. I love listening and being present in conversations. I love communicating. I love asking 'what do you mean by that?' when I require clarity. I love and appreciate having choice. I love knowing that this is my life and I get to choose. I love knowing that. I love making conscious choices based on asking questions to receive awareness of which choice to make. I love and appreciate that I get to choose. I love knowing that I have angels and guides to help. I appreciate knowing that I only have to ask. I love and appreciate that I HAVE TO ASK…I love knowing it’s a free will reality. I love knowing that they can’t help if I don’t ask! I love knowing it’s up to me to ask. I love knowing that I can communicate with them all the time. I love knowing that all I have to do is keep talking to them each day, all the time. I love knowing it is a muscle to be built. I love knowing that help is only a question away. I appreciate knowing that the question can be to one of my guides and all I need to is be willing to have an awareness of the way forward. I love knowing that I sometimes need to sit in silence to hear them. I love that I can ask a question of my Higher Self or the Universe. I love knowing that questions aid clarity. I love having clarity. I love knowing it is building self-trust. I love and appreciate trusting my intuition. I love knowing I only have to connect in and talk to them like they are right here. I love knowing that my angels and guides are RIGHT here, RIGHT now! I love knowing that!

How do you connect to your angels and guides? I’d love to know…please comment below or DM me…

Have a happy happy joyfilled day everyone
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