Daily Appreciation 148 – Giggles and Laughter

Did you know that appreciation appreciates? Just like your money in the bank appreciates, the more you do this and get into the vibration of the words and feeling it, magic happens! It’s fun, it expands your reality and importantly, raises your vibration. The more you appreciate, the more you invite the good things of life into your life and living from a place of ease, joy, peace harmony and the love that you truly be.

I love knowing joy is the song of the universe. I love and appreciate the feeling of joy. I love and appreciate laughter. I love and appreciate giggling just for the joy of it. I love and appreciate giggling just for the fun of it! I love the giggles that are at the beginning and end of my song All I Need for Joy. I love that song. I love the fun I had recording it! I love and appreciate my giggles. I love and appreciate giggling babies. I love listening to children giggling. I love that they are having fun. I love the carefree abandonment of children laughing and giggling. I love and appreciate the joy that giggling creates. I love and appreciate everything in my life. I love and appreciate knowing being in the joy of giggling raises my vibration. I love knowing it is fun joy and laughter that keeps my vibe high. I love knowing that. I love knowing I can laugh and dance and sing and play all day no matter what I am doing. I love knowing I can be joy all day long. I love knowing that! I love dancing and belly dancing. I love doing belly laughs. I love knowing laughter changes my frequency. I love laughing hugs. I love how they make me feel. I love the fun and joy of it. I love knowing to keep my vibration high is a muscle to be built. I love knowing I am willing to build those muscles! I love every moment I spend in joy. I love and appreciate knowing that is so good for me body. I love knowing joy of laughter sends a ripple of love through every cell in my body. I love that. I love knowing all is well. I love knowing that. Everything always works out for me…everything!!

Have a happy day everyone!

What do you appreciate today? How can you bring more laughter into your life?

When I did Laughter Yoga instructor training we learnt how to laugh spontaneously for no reason other than to laugh and raise our vibration. And it was so much fun...

What simple daily things can you do a Written Appreciation or a Verbal Appreciation Tirade or Appreciation Circles on? E-book coming out soon to explain!! <3

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