Daily Appreciation 147 – I Love You

We need to cultivate the true nature of love, to take love to the next level in this way (see below), to add to the frequency of love as an energy not just a word.

I appreciate this day. I love the sun. I love watching the sunrise. I love being up early. I love the specialness of the early mornings. I love the lightness and brightness of the morning. I love the happiness of people as they walk, run or ride. I love watching the people greeting each other. I love all the happy greetings. I love the way the sun filters through the trees. I love Darwin. I love living here. I appreciate its beauty. I love that I am surrounded by the beauty of nature. I love the rocks and the sea and the birds and the sand I love the smiles and joy of the people out early in the day. I love and appreciate all my friends that I have made here. I love being with my children. I love and appreciate all the connections here. I love and appreciate how my life is creating. I love that I have brothers who aren’t afraid to express how they feel. I love my family. I love my brothers and sisters. I love my mum. I love that mum and I can say ‘I love you’. I love knowing that they are the simplest words and yes so often the hardest to say. I love that we have ease with that now. I love knowing that it is such a joy to be in that space and be brave and just say the words. I love it that I am saying it to more of my friends. I love and appreciate looking into the eyes of my family and friends and saying I LOVE YOU! I love knowing this will take love to a new level. I love and appreciate the vulnerability that comes with choosing that. I LOVE YOU!! I love knowing that that vulnerability will open our hearts more to receive more love, joy, compassionate kindness. I love the word love. I love that it is a high vibrational word. I love and appreciate knowing that we are love. I love knowing we are here for love. I love knowing we are here to find pure joy in our hearts. I love knowing it is the simplest and hardest thing in life. I love knowing that love truly does conquer all. I love knowing that. I love that we are here to open our hearts, to be brave and love all of humanity. I love knowing that love exists in all things. I love and appreciate knowing that the more we love the more love is available to raising the consciousness on the planet. I know that we have got this. I love knowing all is well. I love knowing I am connected to Divine Love. I love knowing that WE are Pure Divine Love incarnated. I love knowing that. I love YOU and I love ME…thank you thank you thank you!!

What do you appreciate today? Who can you ask to look into your eyes and say, I Love You too?

What simple daily things can you do a Written Appreciation or a Verbal Appreciation Tirade or Appreciation Circles on? E-book coming out soon to explain!! <3

It’s fun, it expands your reality and importantly, raises your vibration. The more you appreciate, the more you invite the good things of life into your life and living from a place of ease, joy, peace harmony and the love that you truly be.

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