It is difficult not to notice that society is rapidly moving toward a global, cashless, digital fiat currency (no longer backed by a gold standard), in which all of our transactions are tracked, monitored, and easily controlled. It is truly ironic that money was originally printed on hemp paper.  We are already feeling the horror of unprecedented levels of unemployment and the sting of the imminent collapse of the small business industry sector - directly caused by the ongoing lockdown imposed globally via the United Nations through the World Health Organisation.

As we fall further and further under the draconian controls and restrictions of bank policy and legislation, and the impact thereof, we seem to have no choice in the matter, and feel powerless to do anything about it.  Further, the threat of forced experimental vaccinations, untested internal digital health passports, and the imposition of social credit behaviour control systems, simply to be able to exist in this world, loom ominously before us.  

Under the guise of “convenience”, “security” and a “return to normalcy,” these track and trace mechanisms of social control, whether being technologically implemented via apps, or injected directly into or tattooed onto our bodies, will make us ever more economically, physically and socially vulnerable and dependent.  It is wise to stop for a moment and consider other, more tangible options.  

One of these, in my experience, is Cannabis sativa L.

Now that may sound like a rather way out statement, and yet consider the fact that without HEALTH there is absolutely no chance of creating WEALTH.  We simply cannot, as individuals and therefore as communities, thrive and consequently prosper, unless we are able to actively and fully participate in our economic lives as sovereign individuals, in a responsible manner of our choice, instead of being forced into being dependent on government grants or corporate salaries and wages.

By now, the awareness of the possibilities of a truly legitimate (legalise = monopolise), responsible, equal opportunity, absolutely free market, and even eco-friendly cannabis industry, has become commonplace.  And yet, few have actually made the connection to the deeper implications of this, beyond their own needs or desires (or beliefs and opinions for that matter), to that of the broader emergence.  

One thing that will bring this to the stark light of total clarity, is awareness of what is called “21st Century Acquired Endocannabinoid Immune Dysfunction” or 21st Century AEIDs, which, according to Dr. Judy Mikovits and others, is a syndrome of auto-immune diseases and cancers which (together with all synthetic medication in my opinion) have actually become a true global pandemic over the last twenty-odd years.

For proof of this one has to look no further than the bottom line of the balance sheets of the myriad medical and pharmaceutical companies which are such a part of most people’s lives today.  By the way, the opioid crisis has nothing to do with heroin and other illegal drugs as the media are suddenly trying to imply.  It is DIRECTLY attributable to prescription, pharmaceutical, opiate-based drugs such as Oxytocin, Fentanyl, Tramadol etc.  It is no secret that all, ALL, opiate based medicines are addictive and cause some form of trauma to the body through side effects in the short or long term. And yet, they are still touted as the only or at least the strongest (and therefore most beneficial) means of chronic pain relief, even for children, these days.  

Anyone who knows cannabis, which is absolutely safe, more bio-available and equally, if not more effective, will know beyond the shadow of any doubt that this IS SIMPLY NOT TRUE.  In fact, the endocannabinoid and endo-opiate systems of the body work synergistically together, but that is another subject.

Let’s take this term one step at a time as I see it from a lay person’s perspective.  

21st Century Acquired Endocannabinoid Immune Dysfunction:

21st Century - something new that has been identified in and/or is specific to this century

Acquired - It is something we get or are given, implying that it is not naturally occurring

Endocannabinoid - The name for the human equivalent of the plant or phyto-cannabinoid found in cannabis (e.g. THC) that is produced by our own bodies (e.g. Anandamide) which regulate most of the biochemical systemic function of healthy individuals through the endocannabinoid system of receptors and effectors found in every cell of every living organism.  (Further description can be found on – the physiology).

‘Phytocannabinoid’ is the name for the medicinally active component of the cannabis flower of which there are 111 scientifically identified and reported possibilities, and after which the human endocannabinoid system was named.  The plant’s genetic structure, environment and especially how the plant is handled will determine which combination of cannabinoids is present and therefore the effect in the body.  

These cannabinoids are all potentially present and some are already actually present (depending on various factors) in perfect combinations in the raw flowers and can, in my experience, with a little instruction and common sense, be simply extracted in any domestic setting to produce completely safe, highly effective remedies for ailments across the board of human disease and dysfunction.

Immune - The extraordinarily complex, pervasive, and infinitely intelligent interaction of cells, organs, systems, and functions which assist the body in healing naturally from distress, damage or disease thereby creating protection from further disease (including bacterial and viral pathogens).

Dysfunction-   Our immune systems are not only not working to their full capacity (failure to function) but, as in auto-immune diseases, are actually turning against our own bodies and causing major inflammatory conditions in which the human body simply cannot thrive i.e. functioning in a manner opposed to natural function.

21st Century Acquired Endocannabinoid Immune Dysfunction

During my extensive active seven-year active inquiry into the radical healing experienced by people using natural cannabis oils and tinctures, and the reams of scientific studies, literature and papers available on cannabis, cannabinoids and the endo-cannabinoid system, I often wondered how come our natural endo-cannabinoid system, including things like apoptosis which is the natural cell death mechanism of damaged or tumoral cells, was not working anymore.  Early on, I came across an interview by Dr. Christina Sanchez who had discovered that the apoptotic mechanism (natural cell death mechanism of tumoral or damaged cells) was stimulated by THC. This I have witnessed on my own body having de-activated and shrunk several external tumours in a matter of a few days with a few drops of oil, several times.  I have witnessed and co-created many remarkable, even incredible, results in many other people, with many other ailments, as well.

Still, apoptosis was only one mechanism by which the body healed itself of one failure of function.  With all the medicines, inoculations and vaccines being taken by people these days, I was astounded by the incidence of auto-immune and inflammatory diseases presenting in the desperate people who sought out my advice, after all else had failed, on the use of cannabis as a natural remedy.  

The results we obtained together in applying common sense, well considered, well developed, safe, natural traditional remedies and protocols astounded us and even those doctors, psychiatrists and other medical practitioners who were witness to the results.

Finally, a few months ago, when I was listening to and watching conversations by Brian Rose on with various fascinating people, I noticed this particular minute gem of information in the midst of a conversation with Dr. Judy Mikovits, and experienced a full circle moment of absolute clarity.

Subsequent Brian Rose conversations with various doctors and scientific researchers including Dr. Buttar, Dr Wakefield, Dr. Tenpenny and others, simply confirmed that the dots had been irrevocably joined to create a clear, irrefutable picture. Finally, with Dr. David E. Martin’s impeccable knowledge of patents and patent law in America, I recognised one fact which made sense of the whole journey.

According to CDC- and government-suppressed research by Dr. Mikovits, XMRVs contaminating all vaccines have caused and continue to cause the pandemic of auto-immune diseases and cancers, and in my view, the neurological diseases and dysfunction, plaguing people globally, by disrupting the natural functioning of the endocannabinoid system.  This is also how come restoring that function, with the natural phytocannabinoids found in cannabis, creates such remarkable results. It is really simple and a no-brainer.

According to Dr. Martin in the documentary “Plandemic - Indoctornation” by Mikki Willis, patents on coronaviruses, and the spin-off industries surrounding them including the covid19 industrial complex, such as personal protective equipment, pharmaceutical products and especially coronavirus (flu) and covid vaccines started appearing in 2003 – granted often to the very agencies which world governments rely on for guidance in health policy matters.  

This was the very same year that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, based on the work of decades of research by Israeli pharmacologist, Prof. Raphael Mechoulam and others, was granted the “worldwide patent on cannabinoids"  for their anti-oxidant and neuro-protectant properties.  By implication this means synthetic cannabinoids, as natural substances cannot be patented..  This means that cannabinoids have been scientifically proven, at the highest levels, to have the capacity to treat every possible disease in the human body.  This is a MASSIVE conflict of interest to say the very least.  Clearly, the same people purposefully control both the cause and the cure – the most effective natural treatments being ruthlessly suppressed.  

So, how can cannabis be the new green gold standard?  

We are already, and are further going to be, collectively facing unprecedented disease and dysfunction in our own bodies, in our families and communities, and on a global scale in broader society through the further economic and ecological devastation currently being imposed on us all.  Perhaps a simple example of a cannabis transaction on a micro scale can give you an insight as to what I see as a possibility, one which can be applied in so many ways.

Scenario: I don’t have money to fix my car,  but I have been growing cannabis which I have been working with to heal my body.  I know a man who knows cars and who also values cannabis but has to buy it from a dodgy dealer.  I ask him to fix my car in return for giving him cannabis to the equivalent value he would have charged me.  The Rand is our agreed quantifier of the value each will create, or already has created, through the expression of our presence, energy, and life time to produce the agreed means of exchange - being cannabis flowers and fixing the car.  Our physical presence, energy and lifetime are the ONLY ways in which we create value in the human experience.  Everything actually comes down to this. Money is simply the universally accepted measure of this exchange, albeit a corrupted one now.  We do this as informed, consenting, sovereign individual adults. I don’t have to find the money. He does not have to spend his money. I have my car fixed.  He has his medicine. It’s a win-win situation with the only loser possibly being the dodgy dealer!

At SACCRA we have been communicating a brand new evolutionary Socio-Economic Evolutionary Development (SEED) model based on self-regulation through local community associations which use Cannabis sativa L. as a key to new, as yet un-owned and therefore truly free market, ecologically beneficial industries at micro, small, medium, major and even macro level.  This is possible through privately or communally owned and operated natural farming projects, natural/traditional wellness centres, and integrative skills development centres. All of this can ultimately be developed with zero capital input over time.  Or much more quickly with a little start-up funding.

These privately owned enterprises use local community Trusts, via membership of their local Cannabis Community Associations  (CCAs), as a financial vehicle for creating communal prosperity through residual local contributions prior to business tax obligations.  See economic model on used and adapted with permission from the New Earth Nation project.

Active members are direct, equal beneficiaries of the Trusts and their communities are indirect beneficiaries through community projects initiated by the local members and overseen by the local Trustees.  This way we are all individually and collectively responsible for the results we create or don’t create.  This system has been consciously developed to encompass absolute equality of opportunity and accountability to level the playing field of creating prosperity as never before.

The only stumbling block is the relentless retention of Cannabis sativa L. on schedule 7 of the Medicines act and therefore part 2 of schedule 3 of the Drugs and Drug Trafficking Act in South Africa, and globally through international treaties such as the UNSCND, and now being retained there in 2020 by the proposed “Cannabis for Private Use Bill”.  All of which together create a perfect storm for the absolute monopoly of this simple plant that makes people feel happy, for the very few whilst “throwing a bone” to a further chosen few who are allowed to operate in a massively restricted manner, or as an adult in private, or by their license which can ALWAYS be traced back to GW Pharmaceuticals who own the worldwide license for cannabinoids - synthetic by patent and natural through faulty legislation and policy.

We have proposed an alternate means of fulfilling the purpose of all of these unnecessary laws with the rescheduling of the plant to schedule 0 in conjunction with an equitable interim commercial accreditation structure, and a rational, self-regulation model, and are lobbying for the opportunity to test this model in several communities, to ensure the development of a responsible industry at which point, if we are successful, there will no longer be any reason for the plant to be scheduled at all.  That is entirely up to us.

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