2023 and beyond
What does it take to make this change away from the old limiting ways to self- realized, self-empowered beings? It takes willingness, commitment, discipline, dedication and most importantly Love and Gratitude. Love and gratitude for the gift of life and all the beauty it offers. Love and gratitude for the magnificent body we have, to move around this plane in. Love and gratitude for the flora and fauna and our fellow men, women, and children. For every little comfort and blessing that comes our way and then the most difficult one, appreciation for every challenge we come across offering us the opportunity to find and become more then we ever thought possible. Then it takes trust in the inner voice, the soul guidance that is always talking to us if we listen to it, we call it intuition, it is the inner teacher showing the way. Yes, it takes all of that, and the rewards are so much more than we could have imagined. You’re here, you signed up for it, you are well equipped for it, enjoy the ride. Namaste <3 <3