2023 and beyond.
We are on a mission of light. This morning I am once more reminded that I am on a mission to create love, peace and harmony wherever I go. That I travel with an unseen team of beings of higher consciousness that continue to show me the way. What I know to be true for me is that I am a source of love and I follow spirit without hesitation, even though there are moments when I get challenged, there is always a light that tells me, this way, this is the way to the light. Today was such a time. I was unable to complete this post when I usually do around 6.00am as I had some maintenance in the house and also because I was going through a sudden bout of anxiety very foreign to me these days. I decided to leave it and went to meet with a dear soul friend I hadn’t met in person since October 2019. As always, I was shown in so many ways that I am on the right path, that I am protected and guided, that I must trust and mostly that I must stay true to my soul essence of integrity, honesty and as an emissary of the New Earth following New Earth principles. Once more there were moments of pure clarity of insight and of love giving me the support I asked for. Yes, we are in for a bit more turmoil energetically and as we are the microcosm of the macrocosm this will reflect in some areas of our personal life. Staying true to our soul essence is what is asked for right now. Spending time with your soul tribe. The light is spreading, and we are tipping the scale. A world free of war, free of tyranny, free of poverty and suffering is waiting for us if we have the intent and the courage to step fully into the frequency of that. My human self is having a challenging time today, but my soul self keeps telling me all is well. 😊 Namaste<3 <3