2023 and beyond.
Walking your talk. If you wish to live with the basic human right of free will, then utilize your free will to make choices and decisions that align with your highest good and the good of all concerned. Following spirit, soul, Source, higher self, God, the universe, whatever you want to call the power of life that is beating your heart, commands trust and the courage of your convictions. Walk tall with focused intent, choose your thoughts, your words, your attitude and your behaviour to be in resonance with the highest version of you as an emissary and way shower of the New Earth of a Golden Age of love, peace, harmony and wellbeing for all. The biggest programmed limitation to break free from is the idea that we need permission from anyone other than our soul self to live our life fully and magnificently. This world has been ruled by those who induce fear to control the masses, fear of doing harm to another is NEVER for anyone’s highest good. If you do not do as I tell you, I’ll punish you is an old method of control that has kept humanity enslaved for eons. We are breaking those bonds and are coming into our power as beautiful expressions of life in human form. As flowers of the human tree of life we have been kept in tight buds too frightened to open to the light, and now is the time for each of us to break open and show the world what we look like when in full bloom. The question I’m being asked today is, are you a bud or are you willing to show all of you unencumbered by fear and doubt in all your glory of the pure light and love of creation in full bloom that you are? Namaste <3 <3