2023 and beyond.
Until we take full response ability and accountability for the fact that we the people have created the world we live in, the very matrix we are blaming for everything, we will not be ready or able to change it for the better. You may think that you personally have not had an influence, but by the very fact that we have allowed or complied or turned a blind eye to situations, that were not of the highest moral standards fuelled by love and the intention for wellbeing for all, we have given power to a rogue energy that we are now having to face and get from under. Don’t judge or blame, change! Live by the principles that allow for a new world, say no to anything and anyone that is asking you to be less than you know you are inside or less than you wish to be. Forgive yourself for having agreed to laws and rules that have not been for the health, abundance, and wellbeing of the collective. Forgive them who knew not what they did, but know that from this day forward because we do know, if we continue to turn a blind eye, a deaf ear or take the easy way out we continue to assist and support the suffering of humanity held in the snares of victimhood. These are strong words, coming from a passionate energetic force of love that wants humanity to lift its head and not ask for freedom, but to demand it and claim it. These are amazing times, with amazing opportunities to dig deep and find our individual and collective power, the same power that is the foundation of creation, it is the seed of our being waiting to be set free to grow into its fullest glory. Yes, not only can we do it, we have been designed and encoded to be the people to lift the collective consciousness out of the density of limitation into the light of peace, love, harmony and wellbeing. Namaste <3 <3