2023 and beyond
Trust is the message of today. Trust that we have indeed reached the critical mass required to lift the collective out of the density of the 3D realm. What is important for us now is to focus on the signs that people are changing, and things are changing for the good of all. The old, every man for himself survival programming, is losing its grip and collaboration and cooperation is becoming more and more evident as communities are forming locally and globally with the intent to take back their basic human rights to live abundantly, peacefully, and safely. We know what we don’t want, and we know who we do not want to control us, so do not give that any energy, we must put all our focus on celebrating and encouraging the good changes, the gathering of people with acceptance, kindness, and support. As we emerge from thousands of years of struggle and suffering, we’ll begin to taste the freedom of self-expression, discovering and pursuing our innate individual spark of creative gifts to provide in service for the good of all. The more we look for and see the changes, the more prevalent they become and the less power the old will have over us. Release any fear that keeps you trapped by your programmed mind and learn to trust that inner calling to discover who you truly are and set yourself free to be that. That trust will open doors to the road of ease, grace and magic, a place where struggle is replaced by effort with purpose, suffering is healed with love and soul leads the way. Welcome to a New Earth in a higher realm of vibration, beyond polarity and duality into unity consciousness. Trust that all is heading in the right direction for this to become more our one reality of peace, love, harmony, and abundance for all. Stop looking for what doesn’t work, what isn’t in alignment with growth and put your attention and intention on everything that is showing better. Namaste <3 <3