2023 and beyond.
Those of you who know me well know that I joke about loving young men and have observed how many beautiful young masculine energies I am surrounded by. Once more it has become evident that almost all support I receive on so many levels, is coming from young men including my beautiful sons. Mind you at my age, everyone is younger than me 😊, but everywhere I turn there are beautiful young men in my life. This is something that warms my heart because these are the divine masculine that will be walking tall beside the divine feminine into the Golden Age of equality and balance, once more in unison. So beautiful. Right from the beginning of my journey I was constantly told, don’t leave the men behind. Due to the distortion created intentionally by the feminine movement many years ago as yet another means of division, there has been an energy push for women to reclaim their power, and everywhere there are workshops, seminars, groups of women supporting women to stand up into their authentic power and almost no attention has been given to the men. At present we must be very careful as women that we do not judge our men for not being awake, not being as aware, not seeming to be on the same wave length, because we have created this situation and it is time to rebalance, to bring our men with us with love, patience, and compassion. There is nothing more magnificent than a woman who stands in her divine feminine power, and equally there is nothing more magnificent than to see a man standing in his divine masculine power. I was always told that women make their men and I believe that to be true. Just as we are working to bring the Goddess energy out of our women, we must work equally diligently to bring the God energy out of our men. Only when we walk in balance together can we come back into the Garden of Eden of the New Earth. Namaste <3 <3