2023 and beyond
This morning I am sitting in bed watching the most glorious sunrise in a motel on Mt Tamborine in Queensland, Australia. I have traveled here to be in celebration for a marital joining of two New Earth Humans that have a very strong heart connection with me. From the moment I arrived it felt as if I was connected to an even higher state of consciousness and surrendering to it as I always do, I found myself able to excess energy, guidance and messages so pure and so profound for all I was in communication with at any given time that it almost felt like an out of body experience. When I asked what was going on I was told that I had gone through another portal beyond the old world of fear and limitation. What I realize is that my journey up here was the most challenging on my sensitivities and I had managed it without any engagement other than amusement as utter chaos at the airport with flight delays, changes of departure gates, flight cancellations at the very last minute before people were ready to board and a mass of humans that made me think of an ants nest went on around me. It all seemed like something not relevant or connected to me even though I was using the services of this corporation. A true feeling of I am in this world but most definitely not off this world. This is something we all have to learn to be able to do for a few years yet as the old diminishes and the new appears, to navigate both worlds while maintaining our own level of frequency and conscious interaction by choice from an empowered place of love, peace and a deep knowing of wellbeing. All is more than well in my world, love to you all. Namaste <3 <3