2023 and beyond.
This morning I am being guided to the word law. It is a word that brings with it many variants of interpretation and emotions. For me it all depends in what connotation the word is being used. If it comes from a governing authority that is self-serving and has no connection to my inner wellbeing it causes instant resistance within my cells. If it comes from the law of nature where all works as one for the good of the whole, I find myself in a space of synchronicity and flow. If it comes direct from Prime Creator, I surrender to it without question. So, what is this word’s true meaning? This is my guide’s interpretation, ‘laws are a set of rules that come together to create order and harmony with the intent of supporting and inspiring life’s expansion.’ Man made laws have never sat right with me as they always caused constriction and power over, rather than the freedom to grow and thrive. I have found that there is a law of creation within me that when I surrender to it, will steer my life through stormy waters for my highest good and the good of all concerned, which sometimes (often 😊) is not in alignment with the laws set by governing bodies. In my observation there is always a life line, or a means to an end offered if my path is blocked by laws not made for the good of mankind as a whole or for my soul purpose or mission. There has always been a rebel in me that lives by an inner law, driven by principles and rules set by a higher power based on love for life in all expressions. The means to an end is being offered to me today as I am moving through some stormy waters in the third dimensional matrix of constriction with the purpose and focused intent of bringing light and love to people and places. I will do and be whatever it takes to fulfill my mission to be the way shower, to set people free from limitation and walk in their sovereignty beyond the old into the new. Not always a comfortable journey and that is why it is referred to as the hero’ journey, but as they say, someone has to do it 😊. Once more I am asked to walk my talk, stay focused on my intention and live by ‘God’s’ law even if my programmed self resists it. Namaste <3 <3