2023 and beyond.
There is only now, there is only here. Something to keep remembering as we are still waiting and looking for things to change out there. What I know to be true is that things have changed and continue to change within me as I take more and more control over who I choose to be and how I choose to be in the world around me. The moment I allow the thought that someone other than me has the power to ‘make’ me feel less than what I have become, or ‘make’ me do what is not in alignment with the love that I choose to be, I allow fear and doubt to diminish my now experience. I have learned that no matter what is happening on the outside either through circumstances or another person’s behaviour, how it affects me is entirely dependent on how I react or respond. When I give another permission to set rules for my life experience, I give away my power and I surrender my gift of life absolving accountability and response ability becoming a victim rather than a sovereign being. I am and you are the master of your thoughts, your feelings and your behaviour in any given moment, remember that and walk as an empowered being upon the New Earth of your creation. Namaste <3 <3