2023 and beyond
The more we claim our own authentic state of empowered creation in motion, the less control those who seek power over others will have over us. That is the journey to freedom, the journey to knowing our true self and the journey to full consciousness as one with all that is. When I was awakened in 1987 with huge downloads of information about the journey ahead and the mission I had apparently volunteered for, I was also told that how long it would take for this collective evolution to take place, would depend on how quickly people would embrace their own unique abilities as conscious creators. The term critical mass and the hundredth monkey syndrome as a target to reach were used to keep us focused on retrieving humanity from the brink of extinction caused by the complete surrender of personal accountability or response-ability to outer authorities for a pittance of physical gratuities. That critical mass has been reached and with every new awakened being we are progressing into a New Earth experience of ourselves, each other causing life to have a totally new meaning for us. To move into this beautiful timeline of peace, love and harmony where only soul is the master of our decision-making processes, is far more simple than one might believe. It takes discernment and the courage to say no to anything or anyone who seeks power over us with demands and rules that do not feel aligned with our own encoded energetic frequency. If it doesn’t feel good in the cells of our body, it isn’t good for us, and we decline. Any choices made from fear is not in alignment with Prime Creator as it is not of love and will not move us closer to living in harmony with ourselves, with nature and each other. I am feeling more encouraged every day as I am witnessing the quickening of the birth of the New Earth Human turning its back on eons of suffering and struggle into the realm of conscious self-creation and complete self-empowerment. We are indeed becoming the people who are showing the way to an expanded consciousness in human form. Welcome home. <3 <3