2023 and beyond
The lack of self-love is the only reason it has been possible for humanity to be enslaved at all. It is the programming instilled from birth that we arrive here as a creation from Source faulty. And that we must spend the rest of our lives on this planet attempting to live up to standards, rules and unreachable perfection set by unseen authorities that continuously change the goal posts. We must prove that we are worthy of receiving occasional crumbs of joy, love, and abundance. The most powerful way to grow beyond this stage of collective victimhood is to come home to the truth of who we are and love ourselves unconditionally. What we love, we protect, and we will not allow to be harmed by another or by ourselves. This is the strongest weapon against nefarious controllers we have, to increase love of self as pure expressions of creation we become filled with love, radiate love rising into the light of a New Earth of freedom and peace. Yes, this is our individual secret weapon against tyranny of any kind, to love ourselves too much to allow any harm to befall upon us and that starts with how we treat ourselves. The more you love yourself, the more you fill with love frequency and the more loving you become. First know thyself and love thyself as a co-creative force of God Consciousness and then ascend into the higher realms of the Golden Age. Namaste <3 <3