2023 and beyond.
Reading the signs. When things are not flowing for me for whatever reason that is not clear at the time, I ask for signs and those signs must come fluidly for me to follow. Yesterday was a weird day out of sync with my usual smooth flowing experience. It seemed that I was traveling on many different levels. In the reality of the now moment I was supported and there was love and joy all around me, but in my mind there was turmoil and discord, fear and anxiety all attempting to take my attention. As an energy sensitive I am aware that at times what I feel can be a collective fall out, but sometimes it is coming from an old pattern that is asking to be alchemized. As way showers it is important that we choose this mission not just to support others, but because it is for our own expansion of consciousness and what others do with that is their free choice and our reward if they align with us and together we support each other’s growth. I feel so blessed because I live in a world with awake people, able to speak and express openly and honestly, sharing the joy of this hero’s journey. It is when I am required for whatever reason to re-enter the matrix of limitation, control run by old systems with rules, fears and behaviours that no longer have any space in my life, that I can feel out of balance and ask for signs as a lifeline to get me back to my world, my inner peace and sense of wellbeing. We are definitely experiencing two worlds and there are times when it becomes overwhelming and that is where our connection to Source and our guides as well as our New Earth Communities are essential. In these moments of constant change and fluctuating emotional sensitivities find your go to, be it meditation, phone a friend, read a book, watch a podcast, or just sit in stillness and ask for a sign. It always comes and when it does, follow and see where it leads you. Namaste <3 <3