2023 and beyond.
Love is the driving force created by life itself as a fertiliser to growth. Humans respond to love, animals respond to love, plants respond to love, water responds to love and guess what you and I respond to love from ourselves and others to become expanded to a vibrational frequency that aligns itself with our true nature of the origin of our creation. What I am becoming more aware of every day is that whatever that is still lurking in our mind that is not of love is rising to the surface to be alchemized into love. Forgiveness for any and all misdemeanors of the past is now essential, love unconditional is required for life to be free to grow to its full potential. People are searching for this feeling of being loved and finding their tribes, the New Earth Communities that are becoming sanctuaries of openhearted acceptance and unconditional love. I live a very blessed life fueled by love, surrounded by love, radiating love. Last night I was in bliss as I met some of my family for dinner. As I walked towards them, my youngest 3 year young granddaughter was embracing her mother’s pregnant belly kissing it and the love she was pouring into that new life was so pure and so full of joy I could feel the baby literally smile and open itself up to receive the energy as fuel for its heart health. It felt as if they knew each other and life itself was dancing between them. It was the openness and innocence of that moment that I was witness to in the midst of everyone greeting each other with the same level of love and joy that filled me with gratitude for life itself in that precious moment. Life asks us to love like that, uninhabited, with open hearts rejoicing in the life force within ourselves and within each other. It lives within each one of us waiting to be remembered and expressed, please set it free share it and thrive. Namaste <3 <3