2023 and beyond
Living consciously https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ua4PJK-bKO0 another wonderful discussion with Medyhne of Arise Humanity about the journey of birthing the New Earth Human. I love how people come into your life and there is an instant connection that cannot be explained, which has often placed me in a state of wonder and the thought that this is all predestined. This is the case with this beautiful lightworker Medyhne. What I know to be true for me is that the more consciously aware in the present moment I learn to live, the more miraculous life presents itself to me and the more the level of inner peace escalates. This ascension journey gives less and less power to the programmed subconscious mind and brings awareness to a wondrous world of higher consciousness. Everything and everyone are ascending to a higher frequency, there is no stopping it, so do not be afraid of all that the old matrix is throwing at us in the attempt to keep us in fear and corralled into controllable pens. When we become conscious of the now moment, we realize that most of what the subconscious is engaged with is not occurring, being occupied with what if or if only. To become a completely empowered, authentic 5D being takes conscious intention for every moment and gives us the power to lift beyond the 3D low vibration of fear. When we are living consciously a whole New World of awe opens up for us. New Earth Humans are creating the New Earth right here right now consciously, intentionally. Namaste <3 <3