2023 and beyond
It is amazing how little we know about ourselves and the magic we carry within us. We have been conditioned to look outside of ourselves to fulfil our desires to buy something, to eat something, to watch something or to do something to make us feel good. This has made us vulnerable and manipulable, take away the toy from a child and they’ll do anything to get it back. But we have everything within our own mind and heart to feel good by using our imagination, our ability to daydream, to visualize beauty and love any time we wish. These are the most valuable tools to of creation we have and in this time of transition into a realm of peace, love and harmony among all mankind, these are the tools we need to bring to the fore and utilize intentionally to build the New Earth. Remember the truth of the statement; ‘whatever man can conceive and believe, man can and will achieve’. We are beginning to learn that to have what we desire we must bring our energetic frequency into alignment with where that desire exists, we can and we do dream the formless into form, energy into matter through our most dominant occupation with thoughts and feelings. Today I challenge you to use these tools of magic consciously and begin to purposefully, consciously bring your vibrational frequency in resonance with what you imagine the Golden Age on the New Earth looks and feels like. See yourself there free to be your authentic self, where appreciation, acceptance and allowance encourages your creativity to burst forth unencumbered. Surrounded by New Earth Humans in New Earth Communities. Let’s dream it into reality together. I am already there most of the time and it fills me with a beautiful sense of inner peace and love. Bring it on for all of humanity. Namaste <3 <3