2023 and beyond
I am sitting here laughing at myself because I am guided to write about there only being now because there may not be a next moment. And then I wondered if I ought to maybe write about that tomorrow. The irony of that hit me because it is such a human thing to do, this belief that there is always going to be a next moment or a tomorrow or a next week. Today I will be going to celebrate the life of a dear friend and community member who transitioned into spirit last week, and I was thinking of the last moment I was with her, the last hug, the last conversation on the phone, unaware that it was the last. If this was the last moment you had, how would you spend it? A long time ago I made the conscious decision to make every moment count and I would leave every conversation, every meeting with another human being in a state of love and appreciation for the connection, whether it be a service, a social occasion or time with family or friends. I make sure my last was a heart connection. For me a New Earth Human walks on this plane spreading love, peace, and harmony in every moment, eliminating any regrets about if only I had done this or said that. It is about living every moment fully, consciously, intentionally. Don’t wait until it is too late to have a life well lived. Fill every moment with love, for you, for the gift of life, for all who cross your path and you’ll find yourself in the realm of a New Earth. With love and gratitude for it all I end this post this moment feeling blessed and in a state of completion for this now. Namaste <3 <3