2023 and beyond.
Happiness is not a word I like to use as it means different things to almost every person on the planet. So why is it something that everyone strives for? What is it, and what is it for you? To me it is yet another word hijacked by the material commercial world to get us to get more, buy more or be more. It is a not so subtle way of programming the masses into a state of not enough. To be happy, I have to have more, be more, a never-ending journey to an illusive something that is never reached by most. A long time ago I wrote, ‘happiness is feeling good about yourself’. Today I would say, ‘happiness is feeling good within yourself’. Ultimately happiness is a state of mind that offers a feeling of inner peace and wellbeing in this now moment and does not have to be illusive at all because we can take charge of our feelings, of our own state of happiness. How I feel does not depend on the outside world of events or on other people, because I am in charge if my own feelings by the way I choose to perceive my world. My body, my mind, my emotions, my actions, my way of expressing myself, yes that is where the power of happiness lies, right there within everyone’s personal choices in every moment. What makes you feel that sense of happiness? How many choices are you making to give you that gift of happiness? Until we stop seeking to happiness in the outside world and recognize that each one of us has the ability to choose whatever state of mind we want by the way we think and the stories we run within that mind we can never become or experience the sovereign beings of a higher state of consciousness and our authentic self that we truly are. I wonder, is your search for happiness standing in the way of setting you free to be all that you can be? The truth is, if you want to be happy, be happy. Namaste <3 <3