2023 and beyond
Explore your uniqueness. There is a great deal of talk about DNA, how we only use two strands and are now activating more or that we only use five percent of our brain capacity, and we are in the process of using more. For me what this is alerting us to is that there is so much more of us to discover that is now ready to be revealed and expressed. This is the journey of our next step in human consciousness. It is igniting the spark of Prime Creator to expand. Within each one there is a coding that is set to a unique frequency to be released. It is through our inner calling, our deep heart felt desires that this code can be turned on. Our desires are creation seeking expression through us for us. We have been programmed and continue to be conditioned to be told who we should be and how we should live by other people’s rules with an attempt to stop the inevitable awakening from within the human collective to align with their unique encoded selves of creator consciousness. Say NO to anything that is not of Love, anything that keeps you constricted and dis0empowered. Say YES to anything that resonates with your unique energetic coding, that stirs your heart and soul that offers expansion. We are the New Earth Humans on the move. I am a New Earth Human, hear me roar with passion, with the power of love, knowing who I am as my unique encoded self, an expression of creation in motion, bringing light wherever I can. Meet me here. Namaste <3 <3