2023 and beyond.
‘Everything is energy’, is something we hear a lot these days and yes it is one of my stock phrases that keeps me steadfastly on my soul path. But do we ever stop to look at that truth and innerstand what that really means and how it affects everything we think of as reality. We breathe in energy, we move through a sea of energy, we eat energy, our thoughts, words and emotions have a level of energetic frequency that effect the experience of life as we live it. This is why the illusion of separation is flawed as all energy is in constant interaction with all other energies. The more I live with that knowing as my foundation for my interaction with life, the more empowered and at peace I become. The greatest lesson I have learned over my life experience so far is that how I interact with this energetic sea is reflected in how I feel, my state of mind and heart and how life responds to me. We all radiate energy according to our thoughts and feelings, and I consciously intend to send love and light energy to smooth my path. I also know that if I have any fear of what might happen or what could happen or what did happen, my energy becomes entangled with that level of frequency and is instantly reflected by an experience not conducive to love, peace or my wellbeing. I choose consciously every waking moment to radiate love, peace, and a deep gratitude for all the wonders life continues to offer me and the sea of life returns to me the equivalent. Yes I can see other energies and I have compassion for those who are still entangled in their fear programming, but I know that it is possible for each one of us to learn to live like and energetic being and choose to radiate whatever we wish to experience and to do so consciously. That is the hero’s journey to the New Earth of the Golden Age right there. Namaste <3 <3