2023 and beyond
Ascension is not a choice; it is a galactic energetic upgrade for all of life in this universe. That we are here to be part of this massive shift in consciousness is both amazingly exciting and hugely challenging. As huge as this feels, it is bringing us all home to our individuated energy beings in human form that are here at this time because we are encoded to be ready for this upgrade in consciousness. What this means in actual experience is that we increase our vibrational frequency to a level where fear, judgment, conflict, division can no longer operate and all will be created from a peaceful, loving energy with the knowing that all comes from one source, the quantum field of all of creation. Each day I come across people who are asking questions to be directed to the way out of this old outmoded dense paradigm. Each day I also see the struggle as their soul is calling people home and the conditioned mind is not quite ready to let go of the old fantasy of creating security first before taking the risk to follow the unknown, the true purpose for their incarnation. The biggest challenge I see that is before the seekers is to embrace the truth of who they and all of us are as creators of the realm we call reality. Whatever you believe and enact is what you will experience., that is the law of cause and effect in this universe. If that is not fulfilling your soul purpose and causes fear or stress, why not choose to believe something more in alignment with your desires and create that? Namaste <3 <3