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I love mail art, and I crave a deeper connection with all of you in lieu of the real thing. 
And, in the end, we have created something Beautiful that will, no doubt, have a place of honor in each other's homes. Its tangible, from one heart to another.

So this is something we can each do - and get creative!
Make or purchase a 3x5 blank postcard (or blank cards). You can use card stock if you want to make your own, or 250lb cold pressed watercolor paper with deckled edges.

The intention being to send appreciation and beauty to someone within the community, and perhaps over time, different someone's, a thing that you made with your hands in your own homes with your own inspiration and loving intentions... and for those of us who cannot or choose not to travel right now, this is a way to break that digital barrier that, for one, am completely fed up with.

For me, the joy of making these cards with someone in mind is what is so wonderful and fun. 
I'm inspired this year to do what has become sort of a tradition - to make handmade season greeting cards around this time of year - because I want to have something of you, and I want to share something of myself, and this was how I could.

Its not planned or organized - its organic. Grassroots...syntropy.

As we start to receive our cards, the joy here, will be to see them and the from whom to whom, as it all reflects a little more about who each of us are in this quantum reality, and becoming.

We're so RICH to have one another.

All Is One/AIO
Writer, artist, quantum manifester and sound healer, transmitter of Ma'at traditions
Well, this concludes this particular project. If you'd care to share what you received from others here in BNL, its such a wonderful way to connect.
I've enjoyed both the process in the making, the company during same, the sending and the wonderful receivings.
And...these beautiful 3D receivings marking the return of the Light amongst friends.
enJOY and thanks for participating!

Blessed Receivings:
All Is One/AIO
Writer, artist, quantum manifester and sound healer, transmitter of Ma'at traditions
Well, I convinced the post office to send them off as they were in their envelopes, "Its just paper. It's origami." No other explanations necessary ("They are really only interested in things that will squirt out of the sides and hit a postal worker," he replied to a question I hadn't asked.).

The last batch will go out tomorrow, and these are shots of some of them. Most are finished but a few still had a few more changes after I took the photos.

Now, on to cookies... which I never do...but this time I am. I might have made cookies specifically of this sort once before. But its part of the play routine now for me... I'm having fun making baking with my hands.

I have been working on a Mandala for the last few days incorporating segments of a poem that I wrote and posted about a week ago on BNL entitled "Cats & Rats." Both the poem and the mandala express the need to hold every created BEING (human, animal, plant, etc) in high regard as valuable just because they do have BEING and were created by the Divine Creator to be who and what they are. Both the poem and the mandala express some of my intentions for the New Year 2022. I am posting here because AIO suggested that I do so. The poem is as follows: (the Mandala photo is at the end of the poem) CATS & RATS Said the socially acceptable cats to the rats: "Who are You?" You indiscriminately gnaw away at people's well-tended fruits and vegetables in their gardens... You invade people's homes looking for a warm dry place to live and breed and east and sleep... And you chew through wires and walls and food stuffs as if you owned the place. Not only are you destructive, but you carry diseases that spread to others and makes them quite ill. What good purpose do you serve, other than being a great destroyer and nuisance to others? We try to catch you and bring your life to an end, but oft-times you are too quick-footed to bring down. Again, we ask, "What good purpose do you serve?" Said the persistent rats to the cats: "We... (More)
Corrie Allan
Writer, Dancer, Artist, Musician, Lover of Nature
My Xmas Card Collection 2021

Over the last few weeks I've been creating cards with All Is One/AIO and in Clare 's art group. I kept forgetting to upload them here, but I finished my last card today and finally remembered to share them. Each one took 1-2 hours to make.

Hope you enjoy them :)

Merry Christmas!