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Yvonne Teoh Bource
A voice of reassurance and truth
New Earth Day 997 – From Duality to oneness. This journey to the New Earth from 3D to 5D requires the elimination of the concept of duality which sees everything as separate in an either or state, as in the higher realm of the New Earth this does not exist, there is only unity. The New Earth is superimposed upon the old Earth in a higher dimension, not in hierarchy but in a more refined frequency of expanded consciousness. Each of us is traveling through this portal, making the necessary adjustments in body, mind and spirit. From carbon based physical form to a crystalline based form. The more we let go of our attachment to the old ways and are prepared to step into the unknown of the new ways of being, the smoother the passage will be. This journey is not as difficult as it may seem, it begins and ends with one foundational change in thought, belief and action, to let go of any and all that is fear based and to replace it with love. If it does not have a foundation of love and faith, I do not give it any attention or energy. Only love will do in all my interactions and all my relationships. Love and gratitude, those are the passwords to enter the higher realms of vibration. New Earth Communities need to be founded on that and the light that radiates from these communities is drawing others to them where they will find,... (More)
Daily Appreciation 215 – Breathing in the Joy I love breathing. I love conscious breathing. I love consciously breathing in and out. I love the feeling of breathing out resistance. I love that conscious breathing is a way to relax and receive more. I love knowing that if I breathe out using my name it is a relaxation technique. I love breathing in and I love breathing out. I love breathing in Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-m and breathing out Saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I love how this simple technique expands my lungs. I love that this is from the book, Eat, Pray, Love. I love how present I become using this technique. I love how freeing my breathe feelings. I love how freeing my lungs feel. I love the depth of the breath. I love knowing I am breathing in my life. I love that I am breathing in life. I love knowing that deep breathing is breathing in more life. I love knowing that all is well. I love knowing the power of the breath. I love knowing my body is magnificent. I love knowing my body has consciousness. I love knowing my body is magnficient . I love knowing I can ask my body anything and tap into its wisdom. I love knowing that my body gifts me awareness all the time. I love that my body is a sensory organ. I love and appreciate my body. I love and appreciate how it functions so beautifully. I love knowing I am doing the best... (More)
Daily Appreciation 216 – Loving YOU I LOVE YOU and I appreciate YOU. I see YOU and acceptance YOU as you are. I love you beautiful hair. I LOVE and appreciate your beautiful face. I LOVE and appreciate the way you mouth is when you smile. I LOVE and appreciate the sparkle and aliveness in your eyes. I LOVE your beautiful ears and how well they listen. I LOVE and appreciate your beautiful heart. I LOVE the way you love yourself. I love your vulnerability. I LOVE your open heartedness. I LOVE how you love me. I LOVE your sense of fun. I LOVE your sense of humour. I LOVE hearing you laugh. I LOVE and appreciate my relationship with you. I LOVE and appreciate you. I LOVE that you take care of yourself. I LOVE that you love eating live energized foods. I LOVE that you are fit strong and healthy. I LOVE your vitality and zest for living life. I LOVE your hugs. I LOVE how you love your family. I LOVE how you love your friends. I LOVE how you live life. I LOVE you. I LOVE your kindness. I LOVE your softness. I LOVE your gentleness. I LOVE your vulnerability. I LOVE your self-compassion. I LOVE your compassion towards others. I LOVE you loving you. I LOVE that you care so deeply. I LOVE how you love me. I LOVE that you love me. I LOVE how you love your body. I LOVE how you love... (More)
When we give, we also likewise receive. Giving and receiving though seemingly distinct, are in reality, mutually arising complimentary expressions of the same Harmonious Unicity. When we give to other Selves — whether in helpful or harmful ways — we are also giving to — and receiving — from our Selves. What does this mean? It has been my observation and experience that it is quite common, when speak about giving and receiving, thoughts of physical acts of kindness, goodwill and benevolence (generosity) arise, such as when we give or receive financial assistance, material goods, physical assistance or kind words. These are indeed benevolent (generous) gifts that we can give and receive from one another, but we can also give and receive, what we might perceive as, less tangible gifts such as: lovingkindness, compassion, empathy, acceptance, forgiveness, goodwill, hospitality (welcome), friendship and peace. Likewise, we can also give and receive malevolent, harmful acts: hatred, scorn, criticism, rejection, unforgiveness, violence, and abuse (whether spiritual, mental/emotional or physical), which propagate and perpetuate immense intense suffering in the world — and in our selves. For when we give — either benevolently or malevolently — either with the intent to heal or to harm — we also receive in kind. The spiritual Law of Flow (Giving and Receiving) is intrinsically interwoven with the Law of Projection, and many of us both heedlessly and needlessly give and receive suffering because we are unaware of our innate power to both create and destroy — to heal... (More)