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You are never far from healing!
For healing is not a destination.
It's more like remembering; a constant invitation.

It is like the sun, always there, yet sometimes hidden
behind innocent clouds.

When you feel far from healing,
When doubt rages and sorrow fills your being, and
pain stings and burns;
When yesterday's joys seem so far away, and tomorrow's
happiness is a distant fantasy;
When you feel like you're living the wrong life, and nothing seems
Stop just for a moment.

Bring your attention out of past and future.
Invite curiosity into the moment.
Into the body, the breath.
This living scene. This day, this hour.

What's it like to be alive, just for a moment?
Can you feel your feet on the earth?
Can you feel your belly rise and fall?

What if you're not far from healing?
What if you're not actually broken?
What if feeling IS presence?
This timeless sense of being alive?

What if the future is unknown, and your doubts and fears are only in your mind?
What if the sun never stops shining, even as the storm rages?

By Jeff Foster
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