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Face Yoga

Is there any benefit in choosing to smile,

even when we do not feel joy?

Smiling is a spiritual practice

that has profound, practical implications, applications and long-term benefits.

For instance, there are over three hundred muscles in the human face.

When we are angry or fearful, those muscles contract,

creating inner tension —

similar to overwinding the string on a musical instrument.

Holding prolonged tension in these muscles

habitually creates chronic energetic and physical constriction,

which over time


into an experience of agglutination (or 'stuckness'), stagnation and hardness —

trapping these strong, negatively-charged emotions —

becoming more compressed —

more dense —

like water condensing into ice.

Slackening the tension

releases the trapped emotions —

unwinds the knots.

We can choose to smile and even laugh,

despite our experience of life —

despite any strong physical sensations

and insurgent emotions we may be experiencing,

through the power of awareness

and mindful, intentional practice.

By tuning the breath

to become more balanced and harmonious,

bringing the body, breath, heart, mind and spirit into coherence —

using our awareness, attention, and intention —

to unify and harmonize the totality of our Be-ing —

cultivating thoughts, images, emotions and sensations

that give rise to appreciation, gratitude, peace, joy, wonder, and/or compassion —

then practicing both an inner and outer smile —

in time,

and with continued practice,

we can become quite adept

at dissolving and transforming

all that is stuck and stagnant —

the emotional permafrost —

the rigidity —

the... (More)

Sharing Feelings
Beautiful song posted by Christiane Northrup on Telegram "in memory of all who have left us."
Sharing Feelings
"The Informed Dozen" happening on-line July 9 and 10 on UnifyD. Register for free here:
Sharing Feelings
Yvonne Teoh Bource
A voice of reassurance and truth
New Earth Day 787 – Rebuilding and regenerating. To live in a peaceful world is not difficult. It begins with finding peace within, which is a direct reflection of the relationship we have with self. From there it ripples out to the relationships we have with family, friends and ultimately our community. This is the case with all that we desire in our vision of a New Earth and New Earth Communities. If it is full acceptance you desire, how accepting are you of yourself and of others? If you want love, how much love do you give yourself and how generous are you in loving others? For me there are still too many that are looking for outside authorities to make changes that will make things better, and that is the exact way we have lost our autonomy in the first place. New Earth Communities of a higher state of consciousness are groups of people who have accepted the response-ability to change within in order to change without. They also support, nurture and encourage others to do the same. There is a loving acceptance of natural diversity and celebration of the uniqueness of all with an open heart. A place where sovereignty is reclaimed and regained within a nurturing environment. I am astonished daily as I am being led to find people who are resonating with my vibrational frequency and have the same visions and dreams of why we are here and what is next for us to address... (More)